To understand Risk, you have to understand your Environment...

2010 saw the release of Standards Australia’s “Guide for managing risk in not-for-profit organizations”. This was supported by an additional release of “Communicating and consulting about risk”. Both publications came off the back of AS/NZS ISO 3100:2009 entitled “Risk management - Principles and guidelines”.

Together, these publications focused on the core application areas of risk management in Australia, namely the principles for managing risks, the Australian framework within which these operate, and the process that underpins them.

Communication was recognised as the key to successfully implementing a risk aware culture within the organisation, as part of the delivery of an effective risk management framework.

Less Risk, More Rewards…

The message in these pronouncements is quite clear. There are a broad range of risk principles that your organisation needs to consider in order for risk to be understood in the broadest possible way. These principles need to be contextualised within a consolidated framework that must be well considered, well developed, and well understood.

In order for such a framework to be effective, it must be supported by a process that caters for the identification, assessment, and treatment of risk. Additionally, this framework must be supported by an effective and consistent internal communication process which is well constructed, person-focused, timely and multi-faceted, especially in the context of the modern, tech-savvy Australian organisation.

This integrated approach to risk management should be the focus for your not-for-profit when considering and assessing risk.

In the context of Australian not-for-profit organisations, a wide range of risk categories combine to form an overall picture of the risk environment within which not-for-profits operate. These can best be summarised in the following manner:


  • Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health
  • Barnardos Australia
  • Catholic Care
  • English Australia
  • Family Resources and Network Suport
  • Hunters Hill Ryde Community Centre
  • Koorana Child and Family Centre Pty. Ltd.
  • Mortdale Community Services Inc.
  • Settlement Services International Limited
  • The Housing Conection
  • The Westhaven Association
  • Vincent Industries Inc.

At OPTIMUM NFP we have, over the last 10 years, been actively involved in the design and implementation of organisation-specific Risk Management Frameworks, which integrate the process of assessing risk, treating risk, documenting risk, monitoring risk and reviewing risk in an iterative manner. This process has been undertaken in the context of providing surety to the board and management of the not-for-profit, that their Risk Management Framework is fit-for-purpose and responds to the all operational and strategic requirements. To discuss your organisational  risk management, contact us today

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